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An Easy War (Spring 2010)

An Easy War? Gordon Highlanders Prisoners of War 1940 – 1945

Between 1940 and 1945, tens of thousands of Allied Prisoners of War (POWs) were detained in camps across the world in territories occupied by Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Amongst these were thousands of men from the North East of Scotland, taken prisoner on battlefields as far apart as France and Singapore.

‘An Easy War? Gordon Highlanders Prisoners of War 1940 – 1945’ explored the stories of Gordon Highlanders POWs in Europe and the Far East and their different experiences of captivity.

After their final liberation from camps and return home, these men were faced with many and conflicting emotions: relief at being free; sadness at the loss of friends and comrades; disgust at their lost years in camps and the ill treatment they had received from their captors; concern for their future health and prospects. At the same time, some POWs faced taunts from a small minority in Britain that they had not contributed to final victory nor faced the same hardships as those on the frontline. In short, they had had ‘An Easy War’.

Far East Prisoner of War panels:

POW stories - Europe:

POW stories - Far East: