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Do you have an enquiry relating to The Gordon Highlanders?

This may be in relation to an individual soldier, an action in which the Regiment took part, an item of equipment or uniform etc.

We have a rich archive relating to the history of the Regiment. War diaries, letters, poems, soldiers’ diaries, scrapbooks and photo-albums are among the rich store of primary source materials available. We also have access to digitised material including the Regimental Journal ‘Tiger & Sphinx’ and access to subscription based ancestry databases, which supports our research.

A team of experienced Volunteer Researchers is available to assist with your enquiry.

Please note, we will be re-opening the Research Department to take new enquiries from 1 February 2022. We are unfortunately unable to process any additional new enquiries until that date.


Cost and Timeframe

There is normally a fee of £30 charged for a basic enquiry although the final fee is dependent on the amount of information that is found. This fee is only payable if our research proves successful.
No money should be paid in advance.

We do aim to answer your enquiries as quickly as possible however,  due to the volume of research enquiries we receive it may take up to 10 weeks for your enquiry to be researched.

If you have not been contacted within 10 weeks of submitting your enquiry, you can assume that we are unable to assist in this particular instance.



If you have been asked to make a payment please use our PayPal link and input your reference number and any other information requested in our correspondence with you.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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We are closed between December 18th 2021 and January 18th 2022 for the festive period.